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Kids no pedals


The Mercredi 12 was a special project: it was born on accident…but with the Moustache!

We designed it to indulge ourselves, but also for our children… It’s the only Moustache bike without electric pedal assistance, but it might be the most important one in our collection: it’s a bike to begin riding that will give young riders the desire to continue. It’s a bike without compromises, that uses the same technologies as high-end adult models.

The Mercredi 12 is designed to aid in learning how to maintain balance on a bike. It’s reassuring for children, because they can control their balance and speed with their feet. This will allow them to progress rapidly, and within a few short months you’ll see your child pushing off and lifting up his or her feet more and more often and for longer periods of time. And when he or she is finally old enough for a bike with pedals, you won’t need training wheels!

The walkbike… It’s magic!

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Red, Yellow, Titanium, Black