The Retül bike fit system is the most accurate you could ever find.It’s a dynamic test that uses Motion Picture Technology and linked to our professional eye, we will be able to adjust your position with the maximum precision. We will find the solution to your back problems, and maximize every little details

Get the best advises by the pros

With a huge experience in Mountain biking and road cycling, Julien Camellini and his team will provide you the best advises for your bike, your riding ability. We will recommend you the products that would suit you the best in relation with your discipline and riding style.

We have a huge choice of bikes, wheels, apparel, and food that our pros can explain you.


Professional Workshop:

Get your bike fixed by our professional Mechanic Jean Yves Gunepin. Jean Yves has a huge experience as he has been working for the best riders in the world, such as Olympic Gold medalist and world champion Anne Caroline Chausson, Remy Absalon, Romain Saladini, and Julien Camellini.

“Having Jean Yves in the shop is a real opportunity to get the customers the best service ever. At Cycles Camellini, our main focus is providing “service” and it is great having a team who shares the same passion about high quality products.”


Rent your bike through our new website

You will be able to choose your bike, select the size and dates and pay via Paypal.

Pick up service:

You’re too busy or just cannot bring your bike to the shop for a service ?
We can pick-up your bike at your door for you ! Just call us to schedule a pick-up !